Chiara-Ferrangi_V_25feb13_Dvora_b_426x639 Doina-Ciobanu_V_25feb13_Dvora_b_426x639 Ece-Sukhan_V_Dvora_b_426x639 Eleonora-Carisi_V_25feb13_Dvora_b_426x639 Fon-Komain_V_Dvora_b_426x639 Iris-Van-Berne_426x639 Julia-Jonsson_426x639 Laura-Caldavola_V_25feb13_Dvora_b_426x639 Leanna-Ashley_V_25feb13_Dvora_b_426x639 Miroslava-Duma-2_426x639

Here is my MILAN FASHION WEEK STREET CHIC PICKS via VOGUE UK and ELLE US. What i came to realise in Milan Fashion Week was , It looks more casual than the other Fashion Week’s Street Fashion.. Do you guys also think that casuality was the theme of MILAN FW ? Let me know ..

Get Inspired and Enjoy!!


StreetChic08_V_06Mar13_pr_b_426x639 StreetChic10_V_06Mar13_pr_b_426x639 StreetChic14_V_06Mar13_pr_b_426x639 StreetChic15_V_06Mar13_pr_b_426x639 Tiffany-Hsu_426x639_1 Ella-Waldmann_426x639 Leaf-Greener_426x639 Nausheen-Shah_V_Dvora_b_426x639 StreetChic02_V_06Mar13_pr_b_426x639 StreetChic05_V_06Mar13_pr_b_426x639

In PARIS FASHION WEEK,  it seems like colorful and playful Street Fashion picks went along perfectly with the aura of Paris.

And here are my picks again via VOGUE UK and ELLE.

Get Inspired and Enjoy!!


Miroslava-Duma-1_426x639_1 Olivia-Palermo_426x639 Tiffany-Hsu_426x639 Annabelle-Jordan_426x639 Anouk-Bos_426x639 Bonnie-Chen-1_426x639 Charlotte-Groenevelg-3_426x639 Maddy-Moxham_426x639

Here are my LONDON FASHION WEEK, STREET CHIC PICKS via Vogue UK. I dont know about you guys but in my opinion, Elle and Vogue UK did the best job about the photographs throughout Fashion Weeks.. Thats why i wanted to use them as my source..

Hope You Guys Enjoy!!

Sephora’s New Craze: Bright Those Eyes Up!!

get_the_looks_look2_v2           get_the_looks_look1_v2

get_the_looks_look3_no_vid          get_the_looks_look4_v2

As you guys see above, Sephora welcomed this spring with a new craze called “Emerald“. It’s a collabration between Sephora and Pantone Universe. As we see on the pictures, It seems like this spring will reflect all the colors itself such as brights and neons.

Playing with these colors might be hard for many of you but Sephora thought about these as well. In the webside there are products listed and also they gave you many ideas of how you can apply these looks. So in this point, all we should do is get the products and Rock this spring and summer with these Emerald eyes!!

Have Fun !! Wish y’all have a colorful spring and summer xx

Perfect DIY for XL TShirts


Another day, Another life saving DIY. This is definetely one of my fav.s because all of us have that old XL tshirt sitting in the deepest part of our closet. So now, lets bring them back and recreate this amazing cropped tshirt !!

I promise you guys, after your first pair, you’re gonna be addicted!!

Believe me, I experienced lol So now, get your old tshirt and follow the instructions and voila your new cropped tshirt !!

Have Fun!!

DIY: Faux Fur Tail


After a huge break time, Im here with another amazing DIY idea. These colors  based on the Prada boa from a past runway. And thats an amazing idea to add a little color to anything you want.

Supplies that you Need:

Marabou Feather Boas



Black Cord

How To
First double knot the cord to the bottom of the clasp.
Next, double knot the your green boa around the black cord.
Second, knot your pink boa around both the black cord and the green boa.
Then knot the green around both the cord and the pink boa.
Repeat till reach your desired length
Include the cord in your final knot, pull tight and trim the end of the boas.
Clip onto your favorite bag.