Inspirational Words From Drake?

Hey guys,

Today’s quotes of the week’s source is abit different and surprising. This week’s little inspiring words are coming from Drake, yea, the artist one lol . I don’t know about you guys but I’ve never known that Drake has things to actually inspire people in “good” way.. Are you wondering what are these? Ok then, let’s have a look (:




Note: I don’t know if they’re actually Drake’s words but still, they’re pretty inspiring though lol 


Even Disney Inspires Me

Sometimes we just need little heads-ups to look bright to the future.. Today’s help from Disney (:

Bazen herşey kapkaranlık göründüğünde ihtiyacımız olan o ışığı bulabilmek için yapmamız gereken tek şey başımızı kaldırmaktır.. Bugünkü ilham verici söz Disney’den geliyor (:

Quotes of the Week: Even Disney Inspires Me