How To Get Long Flirty Lashes Naturally?

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Hello Internet Friends!!

I know alot of us complaining about our “non existing” eyelashes.. and for those of you who has naturally long lashes, yall are blessed. But its not late for us girls to get flirty long lashes in Natural way!!


All you actually need is ;

  • Castor Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil

Mix these two oils together and apply it to your clean lashes before sleep. You can use disposable mascara wands or q-tip to apply to the roots much better. I personally use q-tip for the roots and mascara wand for the rest.

After 2-3 weeks, you will start to see diffrence.

Thats it!! Cheers to this easy brezzy natural way!

Take care loves!

P.S: Special Thanks to Michelle Phan for the inspiration!


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Here are my LONDON FASHION WEEK, STREET CHIC PICKS via Vogue UK. I dont know about you guys but in my opinion, Elle and Vogue UK did the best job about the photographs throughout Fashion Weeks.. Thats why i wanted to use them as my source..

Hope You Guys Enjoy!!

Even Disney Inspires Me

Sometimes we just need little heads-ups to look bright to the future.. Today’s help from Disney (:

Bazen herşey kapkaranlık göründüğünde ihtiyacımız olan o ışığı bulabilmek için yapmamız gereken tek şey başımızı kaldırmaktır.. Bugünkü ilham verici söz Disney’den geliyor (:

Quotes of the Week: Even Disney Inspires Me