Coachella ’13 Day 1..!!!


I know , I know.. Day 1 passed already but i was sick the other day so im gonna post these ideas right now.

During the time of Coachella, each day i’ll share my outfit ideas and Survival Kit.. So lets get into it !


The key factor about what to wear in coachella is, No.1: Be Comfy !

Youre gonna be sitting on the grass, walking, jumping, hangin out with your friends all day so make sure youre comfy in what u wear.

Need some ideas? No Probs (:

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No.2: No sandals or feet free anything!

lets face the facts, its a festival, it is gonna be so crowded, everybody will be up and jumping so, you dont wanna end up getting squished fingers so make sure you cover them up (;

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So these are the tips and tricks for today, stay tuned for more outfit ideas and more tips and tricks

Have soo much Fun!! 

Inspirational Words From Drake?

Hey guys,

Today’s quotes of the week’s source is abit different and surprising. This week’s little inspiring words are coming from Drake, yea, the artist one lol . I don’t know about you guys but I’ve never known that Drake has things to actually inspire people in “good” way.. Are you wondering what are these? Ok then, let’s have a look (:




Note: I don’t know if they’re actually Drake’s words but still, they’re pretty inspiring though lol