How To Get Long Flirty Lashes Naturally?

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Hello Internet Friends!!

I know alot of us complaining about our “non existing” eyelashes.. and for those of you who has naturally long lashes, yall are blessed. But its not late for us girls to get flirty long lashes in Natural way!!


All you actually need is ;

  • Castor Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil

Mix these two oils together and apply it to your clean lashes before sleep. You can use disposable mascara wands or q-tip to apply to the roots much better. I personally use q-tip for the roots and mascara wand for the rest.

After 2-3 weeks, you will start to see diffrence.

Thats it!! Cheers to this easy brezzy natural way!

Take care loves!

P.S: Special Thanks to Michelle Phan for the inspiration!

DIY Beachy Waves? Awesome!!

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Hey Internet Friends!!

Im here with another Summer DIY post. Looks like we’re gonna stay on our budget easily this summer.
Today’s DIY is all about achieving timeless trend “Beachy Waves”.
When it comes to that, you can always curl your hair and finger-comb through and use hair spray to hold BUT(!)
If you really wanna see something cool, natural, cheap and harmless, then keep reading and i’ll take you through the steps.


And thats it!!! Its cool, isnt it? Time saving and All Natural !!
Hope you guys like it and actually try it.

Coachella Day 2…!!


And Day 2 !! Continue to have fun its about to go down!! ( It rhymed lol)

Lets look at my outfit ideas first then i’ll share some tips from my Coachella Survival Kit..


For those of you who like to dress up wherever you are, these are some ideas for you. You can use these outfits as your referance to incorparate girlyness into comfyness.

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As y’all know during Coachella, you’re gonna be dancing and jumping and basically having fun all day so you will want your hands are free. Since you wont want to bother yourself with a bag on your hand, my tip is getting a messenger bag or backpack. In other words, the bag which will make you comfy and wont bother you about your stuff’s security throughout the day .

Here is some examples..

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Hope you guys find these helpful.
Enjoy your time in Coachella !!